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Reviving Pictures!

Hellooo! This community is looking ever so slightly dead apart from Star55's amazing icon posts, so I thought I'd join and help ~revive~ it a bit. -gives comm mouth to mouth-

I'm actually going to start by asking if anyone has access to a particular picture of Mr.Judd and Mr.Jones: It's a promo one, probably from a magazine shoot or something, in which Danny has his head rested on Harry's shoulder. It's just the two of them, and it's my favourite picture ever but I seem not to have saved it anywhere, and I don't know where on earth to find it! It's back when Danny has straight hair and Harry's hair is short and brown...and I think Danny is possibly wearing a stripey jumper/t-shirt? Anyone know what on earth I'm talking about?

Well if anyone does, I would really really really appreciate it if they could comment this post with that picture...it's so lovely and I can't find it anywhere!

Some pictures from Take Control!

Taken from this place, tbh: http://www.geekstinkbreath.net/board/topic/post/6475451/#6475451

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