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mcflysize's Journal

McFly Fullsize
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Welcome to mcflysize.

This is a community where you ( all McFly fans ) can come to post, share, and request pictures of the band. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join, as long as they follow the rules.


1) All posts must be McFly related. If you're looking for a picture of Danny and Dougie with Dave from SOD, that's fine. Don't ask for just Dave. Yeah? Cool.
2) All posts MUST be friend's only. It will be deleted if it's not. You can also post icons you've made.
3) When you request a picture, if it's someone's icon, ALWAYS mention the username of the person you got it from.
4) If someone wants a picture, and it's a personal one that you took, and you don't want it shared, say so nicely. Don't bitch ( see nine ).
5) Don't type "lYkE diz iz Da ShYt". It makes most of us sad. :( I know english isn't some people's first language, that's understandable.
6) Don't post and/or request pictures that are copyrighted by Wireimage or websites like that.
7) Don't come in here demanding pictures left and right. Be nice, give some back, yeah?
8) If your request isn't filled, don't whine or complain. Simply wait a while and try again.
9) If you bitch, whine, and/or complain too much, I will ban you faster than you can say "Tom and Harry having hot bum sex." I swear it. I also reserve the right to ban you if I so desire, for any reason, so don't piss this "Yank" off.
10) Have fun, enjoy the McFly-dom, and if you have any questions let me ( jockstrap_girl ) know.

Say hello to Fluddie, he's our mascot thing. :D

give Fluddie more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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( If you want to be a sister comm, or an affiliate, then just drop me a comment either in my journal or on the public post in this community. Or you can e-mail me, or IM me. Whatever you like. )

The banner at the top was provided by surfshack. Thank you. :D